Thank you for your interest in this research into experiences with voilence against LGBTI+ people. Below you can find some more background information. In case you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is this study about?

The questionnaire asks about your experiences with violence that you have experienced in the last 2 years. These experiences can take many forms:

  • Verbal and psychological violence: ignoring, laughing at, threatening, calling names, mocking, (cyber) bullying, …
  • Physical violence: hitting, kicking, …
  • Sexual violence: unwanted statements, intimacies or assaults, …
  • Material violence: vandalism or destruction of property, theft, …

Why focus on experiences from the last 2 years only? We want to collect recent experiences to get an up-to-date picture of violence and of the evaluation of existing services, in order to formulate adequate policy recommendations. Two studies have already been conducted in 2012-2013, on the one hand about the experiences with violence against LGB’s, and on the other into the experiences with violence against transgender people. These surveys asked whether people had ‘ever experienced’ various incidents of violence. With this research we do not want to ask the same question again, but we want to establish a baseline measurement that can be repeated over time. In this way we can trace evolutions over time. We also ask about experiences during the past 2 years and not, for example, during the past 5 years, because environmental characteristics that may influence violence change less quickly over a short period of time.

Who can take part?

You are 15 or older and have lived in Belgium for at least 2 years AND:

  • You are lesbian, gay, bi+, queer or asexual?
  • And/or you are a transgender or non-binary person?
  • And/Or you are an intersex person/ you have a variation in sex characteristics?

Then we are looking for you!

It may also be that you have not had any negative experiences at all or that the violence was not (entirely) related to your being LGB, transgender and/or intersex. We would also like to hear from you!

Why would you take part?

By telling us about your experiences, however small or large, you will contribute to our knowledge of this topic. You will help us to inspire policymakers to take appropriate measures where necessary. By participating in this questionnaire, you therefore make an important contribution to improving the situation in the future. It is intended that this study will be repeated in the future to monitor improvement or deterioration. Your contribution is therefore very valuable, because only you can tell us which negative experiences you have or have not experienced. Your answers will be processed so that others cannot recognise you. You can find more information about this in the information letter and the consent form.

How long will this questionnaire take?

Completing the questionnaire takes approximately 60 minutes. Make sure you have enough time to complete the questionnaire in one go, because it is not possible to save your answers in the meantime.

If you would like to share more about your experiences or if you are interested in the experiences of others, you can enter your email address at the end of the questionnaire. We will then contact you at a later date to participate in an interview (individual) or a focus group (5-10 people). Your email address will not be saved with your answers for privacy reasons, and will not be disclosed to others. At the end of the project, your email data will be destroyed.

What do you need to know before completing this questionnaire?

This questionnaire asks about your possible experiences with violence. Thinking about these topics and answering such questions may trigger emotional reactions in you. We therefore ask you to fill in this questionnaire voluntarily. At the end of the questionnaire you will find information about where you can go for support.

Do you want to contribute in another way?

You don’t feel like filling in a survey, but you would like to share more about your experiences with violence as a LGBTIQ+ person?  Please drop us a line: aisa.burgwal@uzgent.be. We will then contact you at a later date to participate in an interview (individual) or a focus group (5-10 people). Your email address will not be disclosed to others. At the end of the project, your email data will be destroyed.

Who is carrying out this study?

This study is being carried out by the Ghent University Hospital (Transgender Infopunt) on behalf of the Flemish Minister for Equality, Bart Somers.

This study was accepted by the Ethics Committee of Ghent University Hospital. The study is conducted in accordance with the guidelines of good clinical practice (ICH/GCP) and the Declaration of Helsinki, written to protect those involved in clinical studies.

Numerous LGBTIQ+ organisations are represented in the advisory committee, who helped to make the questionnaire as appropriate as possible, and who supported us in conducting this research. We are very grateful for their input and support!

What will happen to the results?

Your answers will be processed together with the answers of the other participants in a study report. We make sure that no identifiable personal information is made public. Some examples of how we will do this:

“15% of the participants indicated that…”

“The majority of intersex people thought that…”

“One person said, “I always think…”…”

The study report will be handed over to the Flemish government and will be available via the websites of the Transgender Infopunt (University Hospital Ghent) and Gelijke Kansen Vlaanderen (Equal Opportunities). The results and recommendations will be used for future policy initiatives.